MSA 玻璃雕刻 ​

​公司名稱:劉氏三兄妹設計有限公司 Lius Design Co.,Ltd
公司地址:235 新北市中和區安和里7鄰保健路46巷22弄16號 (非門市未對外開放)
工作室:235 新北市中和區明禮街 (非門市未對外開放)


MSA Glass Engraving was established in 2012, specializing in the handmade craftsmanship of glass materials. This art form is exceptionally rare in Taiwan, as mastering it requires a significant amount of time and a solid foundation in both painting and artistic techniques. Over the past decade, they have dedicated themselves exclusively to the art of glass carving, focusing on daily improvement.

In order to better promote their creations in the market, MSA offers a wide range of options, from lifelike portraits to beloved pets and intricate artistic patterns. They use a variety of crystal options, ranging from affordable to high-end, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences. The products are highly practical for everyday life, and the customization process becomes a part of the customer's experience, significantly increasing the acceptance of handmade customization.

MSA hopes that their works will provide customers with a sense of "To see a world in a grain of sand. And a heaven in a wild flower." Despite being a niche market, MSA's dedication to carving beauty into glass ensures that their creations are not only realized but also appreciated in the field of glass art.


Realistic depictions of animals are highly effective in showcasing the intricate details of glass carving craftsmanship, imbuing the artwork with a greater sense of vitality.